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Timber Frame Kit A timber frame construction kit is a precision engineered structure that is remarkably strong and durable. Tmber Frame is a quality assured, tried and tested building method. It is now becoming the most popular form of house construction in Scotland, that's largely due to it's suitability for a cold climate where homes need to be built fast, be very energy efficient and keep people comfortable throughout the year. 
Timber Frame
Key Values / Benifits are:
Beauty Theraphy
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    Engineered to highest level of accuracy and quality     Design flexability     Simplifies on-site construction     Promotes greater efficiency     Greater control to process     Meets and often exceeds building regulations     Strong & Durable - meeting current building standards     Themally efficient     Performs well in terms of fire and flood resistance     Improves construction Health & Safety     Easy to finance through staged payments     Has fewer defects and high customer satisfaction     It is by far the most environmentally friendly way to build     Timber is an organic, non-toxic and naturally renewable building material     Every timber kit can have a 50% shorter construction time than a standard brick and block build     Structure can be weathertight in 5 days     99% of softwood is sourced from Europe where we are committed to grow more than is used
AIR TIGHTNESS - A DEFINITION Air Tightness – the resistance of the building envelope to inward or outward air leakage. Excessive air leakage results in increased energy consumption and a draughty, cold building.
Air leakage is driven by differential pressures across the building envelope. The mechanisms that create these differences in pressure are the combined effects of – stack (internal warm air rises), external wind (inducing +ve and –ve pressures on the envelope) and mechanical ventilation systems.
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